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Relating to or involving the deliberate killing of a large group of people of a particular nation or ethnic group: a genocidal dictator | victims of a genocidal massacre.


A preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience: English prejudice against foreigners or ingrained religious prejudices.

#Every Life Matters

Defining Epilogue: To take a life, cause irreparable bodily damage or make false statements about another race (color) ‘without reason of justification’ perpetrating a biased engraved perception from unknown or displaced preconceived viewpoint of hatred being a combined effort of jealousy, Envy or Greed (JEG) .


What does Colored Mean

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Have you ever really looked at a box of Crayolas® or Crayons seriously, think again. Each and ‘Every’ box has multiple colors in the box, including at least one { WHITE } crayon or Crayola® in every box. So what does this mean: the canvus GOD created has multiple colors and voices.

TO not consider White as being a color, one must be either ignorant, color blind, simply biggity…or a bigot. Think about what you just read, it’s the truth, however, some humans see themselves far superior to humans of different colors. That being said, do they really feel superior or so petrified that other colored peoples may be smarter than them. Either way, to cause harm to another person of different color than oneself is like pissing in the wind, it wet your pants for sure.

When you see or hear a colored person chanting idiotic expressions, Run don’t Walk - they’re similar to a virus; the conduct will consume you.

From grade school you or your children are not taught reasoning, later on in middle or high school they again are not presented with simple logic, academia want allow children to be able to think on their own, easier to control, like sheep. If not the case, then why is it not taught….Hmmm />!!!   Please tell us the reason why…   Most every grade a colored human, remember the box of crayons, is not taught logic for if they were the millennium (2000 incident) and now the virus would be looked at differently. Wallpapering the garage or other rooms with TeePee paper was outrageously laughable, HeHe Ha Haa another Donkey Kong (jackass) event…

Instead of reasoning w/pure logic, we pee in our pants, blaming situations on other colored people from other countries, or the POTUS.

Example: >>>????

Off on a tangent we go, American Indians (all tribes) have been treated like or worse than black slaves. Several tribes were forcibly rapped, pillaged and most recently women were treated like animals by colored people sterilizing them, no more offspring. So other colored people can take over all that INDIAN land, many know this to be a fact, never speak out against CLAN members. Mainly due to most colored people want to be a CLAN member for protection, example: voting for state or federal congress or senators that play ‘Pocket Pool’ (old sixties or early seventies slang for corruption) with lobbyists from all branches of businesses, including pharmaceutical, health insurance, oil & gas, and any company that needs other colored people to look the other way, or colored people that can’t reason.

Reminds us of that Country song: Beer is Good, GOD is Great { Emphasis added } and colored people are seriously Stupid

Back around to colored black people, they have a medium NAACP that pushed back against colored supremacists (white humans). However, NAACP only takes CLASS ACTION Cases, leaving many more to look for someone to help. By now one should be able to see a parallelism of the meaning of a box of colored Crayola® or Crayons. However, not a lot of people really care if they are not of the same color, Fact. It is not my problem, I am not affected by these matters, wrong, you are; logically speaking what happens to one color did, does or shall happen to other colored people, including white colored humans. 

Be assured...   

Within less than an hour before Perl Harbor was bombed, working radar detected many plans. Officer in charge of Radar equipment called informing his commander, commander stated no its a bomber wing from main land USA. The commanders name is hidden go look for it, again do you see the associated patterns.  Deception cures All


Ignored Japanese Fighters; and

Ignored AlQuida; and

Ignored warnings of pandemic preparations by Obamaman; and 

Ignored forest management, and

Ignoring Global Warming, melting glaciers, etc.; and so on……

Ignore large companies using CHEAP Labor from foreign countries, changing the outcome of being enslaved or a salve to

A foreign country anymore / happy days ahead; and

Ignoring protection of forest fires; >>> US Forest fires

Ignoring all coloreds Civil Rights by CLAN {NOTE: Clan members are not KKK Members} members within city governments; wherein some colored people learned that the power of many against corruption out weighs the few, example: NAACP; and

There is or was a secret site out there for all to use: USCOURTS.GOV that few colored peoples knows of: file your on case, you "CAN NOT" argue any points of law or provide similar cases, your not a lawyer so don't waste any more time. The judge assigned to your case rules "On The Associated LAWS" related to your compliant(s). This site is for COLORED PERSONS FROM ANY STATE under the sovereignty of the U.S government. No need to PAY A LAWYER ANY MORE. ALL FORMS ARE THERE, WITH INSTRUCTIONS, ETC.

Ignoring how HEMP-AGRIBUSINESS can change the ‘Balance of Power’ world wide; and

Now we are ignoring a possible 'flight or fight' between China, Russia an may be Iran, and

MORE to arrive soon.

U.S. colored peoples want more play time over productive possibilities of technology, work less; its about to happen real soon TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION, make it happen. Colored peoples jobs for older colored peoples will be lost.

As singer Billy Currington stated:  God is Great, beer is good and people are crazy ( dump, or just descending all the way into the decision-making councils of imbecility generating chaos ). ‘ Ostrich Syndrome ‘  It ant happening, it’s not true an so on, on….




A similar event has occurred with Wikipedia online, content changes if not daily, weekly or monthly disturbing as it is, its true. If you read something, make pdf of content; otherwise in a year or so it want be there, the story changes.

U.S “Manufacturing Edge’ was lost in the last century about 1990,   Have you seen U.S. built TV, video recorder, etc., [ N ] the past decade or so built in USA.  No president yet, has the will or Kahuna’s to bring back our Technological Roots.   Labor is to expensive here, we want to play.

Profound example: back in late 2016 US Army gave GM $$85 million to build at least one or more Hydrogen Trucks, it spits out a pint of potable water every hour, want to by one today>/? You can, just stop buying or being like your neighbor: the JONES Syndrome….

We the People of American have lost our objective standing firm against oppressive over reaching laws or rules that allow Clan corruption forces that move us in the wrong direction, faltering as we seduce ourself in social media; and never rise up against cronyism within our city governments.


LIST DA OR ADA'S "Privileged Powers"

Second item Learned, Corruption is not only Permitted, it is tolerated by the following:

    Below items are not laws, rules, etc., just something pasted down from mid 1800 hundreds. If a city is a CLAN city like Fredericksburg, Texas; an there are many more similar towns in Texas. May be even in other states -

RULE OF LAW does not exit it is only fabricated at best, example definition of a CLAN:

a group of close-knit and interrelated families (especially associated with families in the Scottish Highlands) a family, especially a large one: the Kennedy clan gathered for the celebration. / a group of people with a strong common interest: New York's garrulous clan of artists.


1.     Political pressure. Prosecutors are attorneys employed or contracted by federal, state, and local governments to prosecute suspected criminal offenders on behalf of the community they represent. Because the role of top prosecutor is an elected position in many jurisdictions, prosecutors may face political pressure to prosecute or refrain from prosecuting a person suspected of committing a crime, including a CLAN member that files a "False Police Report" accusing Falsely the neighbor stated he was going to blow up CLAN members house an shot CLAN Member, an CLAN Members wife states to Sheriff Deputy that Non-Clan member was beating his wife. Which caused a divorce due EX being concerned an stating to NON CLAN members husband, That NON CLAN MEMBERS WIFE "Believes that it is not save to live or stay here, you [ Non CLAN Member ] might get hurt...  

NON CLAN member files compliant of False Police Report with Gillespie Sheriff's Office, Deputy sends to County DA, County DA send Non Clan member an email stating; County DA was going to forward False Report to DA Wilke; DA Wilke would not respond or send to Grand Jury, especially since most likely only CLAN members are Grand Jurors.

2.     Limited resources. Prosecutors must carry out their duties to the public they represent, but like most public agencies and private businesses, resources are finite. A prosecutor may decide to make prosecution of certain offenses a priority, while offenses that are deemed lower priority may not be as vigorously pursued. In some instances, charges for lower-priority offenses may not be pursued at all because of budgetary or staff constraints.

3.     No likelihood of success. Prosecutors may decline to press charges because they think it unlikely that a conviction will result. No matter what the prosecutor's personal feelings about the case, the prosecutor needs legally admissible evidence sufficient to prove the defendantʼs guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the evidence isn't there (or likely to be suppressed before trial), proceeding would be futile.

The above three items have hurt many a colored person, example: those colored peoples of low income get to ride the train of unjust results; middle class colored peoples have to pay for lawyers that play games with other lawyers; and wealthy colored peoples are simply ignored an nearly get away without the law touching them due to CLAN members protect corruption of other CLAN members. Be assured -


[To] allow a human the power to decide a another humans Destiny OR FATE based on ‘Political Pressure’,  ‘Limited resources’ or ‘No likelihood of Success’ is archaic, somewhat asinine of both. THE LAW must RULE not a human of questionable character....   

Not only does the above practices prohibit "social justice", it destroys humanity at its core. The time has past to reframe from such a colloquial process allowing a few in each city within the United States to govern over or make decision ignoring Rule of Law violations, question: does it not borderline or bind those that oversee JUTICE to exercise socialist tendencies >/?  [ M ] any would agree, however the current order of the day allows many to be thrown under the bridge by Clan member representatives.

Allowing such a practice is a form of hatred at best; a decision made due to, example: ‘Political Pressure’ from those voted  and hiring others with similar aptitudes to make legal decisions, these makers thinking that being in such a power position would use common sense without prejudice, ignoring ones constitutional rights perpetuating third world conceptualizations of what is right, is wrong.

To contemplate a DA or ADA has the unforgiving power to destroy a life due to being guided by ignorance, jealousy or GREED to maintain poisonous position, example: to be a democracy governed by laws only (RULE OF LAW), not allowing justice to prevail continues towards socialist actions or intentions, especially if decisions made are due by a zealous (jealous) human knowing that he/she can hurt another protecting a CLAN member.


Having an intense desire to show off their power, holding onto ones office an hearing others compliments their actions, or simply devious in ones way bending by self indulged interpretations of  ‘Rule of Law’ for the benefit of one or a few that elected the officer of law and their associates may be scared of exposure to corruption.

For an DA or ADA to use or whine about Limited Resources is ludicrous, most if not all orders, etc., use fill in the blank forms.  If a DA or ADA can read more than fifty words per minute; then reading a document with multiple pages totaling a thousand (1,000) words can be read in or about twenty (20) minutes. 

That being stated, using the reason of: Limited Resources is a joke, prioritizing work load based on violation of RULE OF LAW must be the higher order, one can handle what ever the case load is. Let us not forget that DA or ADA have staff members that may be part of resource problems, or may not be trained in the law as a legal assistance, etc. However, most assuredly they want be replaced simply because DA or ADA look for others that don’t make waves and mums is the word.

To prohibit justice by continuous ‘exemption’ of ones Civil Right being nonsensical at best, better yet it is preposterous for those elected state or federal governmental participants to look the other way regarding continuation of these socialistic activities.

Change is necessary for a "Democratic Republic" to be true to its core.

Furthermore, GRAND JURY hearing recordings must be accessible to all, including those being graded on their conduct, or the content of a filed complaint of violations of LAW.  Otherwise, accountability of ones conduct, example: perpetuates corruption by DA’s or ADA’s be assured.  If an DA or ADA’s conduct is questionably, then anyone can request as is done within both state an federal elected representatives; and if a violation of ‘Ethics’ is determined they loose their license(s), etc.  

Better yet, there should be a review board to review DA or ADA’s GRAND JURY HEARING.    NO, THIS WANT WORK, MAINLY DUE TO MEMBERS OF ‘REVIEW BOARD’ MAY BE CLAN MEMBERS also.

THEREFORE, IF  these powers can not be changed by state or federal congressional members, then let ‘We the People” determine decision during next state of federal elections… Be assured, they will change.

How can those elected state or federal congressional members be held to, supposedly a higher order, and DA or ADA’s are able to get away with unjust practices or conduct.  Best reasoning is, a DA or ADA’s are of a lessor group was never thought to be questioned.  

Hmmmm, do you see something wrong here -  I pray so. 

To set background up

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Something Learned


To survive, the terms fixated by our founding fathers, there are no other term ideas allowed….except to follow GOD’s Laws that we continue to survive, on his terms.


American Life would be less dangerous if we taught reasoning up to 5th grade and LOGIC thereafter, similar to don’t touch the iron it will burn; instead of programming students to take a worthless test.

Why so much baloney being stirred up regarding Virtual Academics>? K-12 has been teaching virtually for decades  

1. K-12 Established December 16, 2000

2.  Over 10 Million Users · Win Awards & Certificates on there academic teaching.




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